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Transaction Services

Individuals and institutional investors are slowly shifting their capital and attention to startups and small to medium enterprises as they provide one of the few alternative routes to generating high returns on investment. As this is a relatively new development in the region, most investors do not have the time nor are aware of the process of investing, unable to appropriately identify, evaluate and manage opportunities of this nature, and unwilling to account for the hefty fees charged by other consulting and corporate finance firms. tandem addresses this gap in the market by offering the following services to investors at affordable and flexible rates:

business valuation

Determining an appropriate valuation for the business is crucial in negotiating and structuring any investment, and identifying the potential return upon exit. tandem is able to perform high-level and detailed business valuations across multiple methods that are used for both internal and investment purposes.

commercial due diligence

If you’re a corporate or private equity house considering an acquisition, tandem can provide you with a commercial due diligence report that involves a comprehensive review of the company’s business plan in the context of projected market conditions and the industry/competition. Whatever industry you’re in, our experience and network of industry experts allows us to acquire the knowledge and resources to provide accurate and more efficient conclusions based on thorough research.

performance monitoring

Using our bespoke investment monitoring process and robust reporting framework, we will create annual budgets, milestones and key performance metrics, and provide performance monitoring, analysis and reporting. Rest assured that each investment will be treated as our own, and ensure that all the information is kept confidential.

investment and portfolio management

Clients can use tandem’s experience to deliver value creation programs for their investments. Whether it’s a startup or small business, tandem can develop and execute the appropriate strategies, set operational and business development objectives and address any areas where value can be created through synergies or other benefits.

deal structuring & execution

Whether you are a looking to buy a company or sell your business, tandem is right for you. Through the experience and network of contacts accumulated over the years, tandem is able to source potential acquirers, structure the deal and prepare the company for exit.