• "a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."


Almost every problem a business runs into is not unique; someone else has had the same problem and has the resources to solve it. Use the right advisors and save your innovation for the important stuff. Whether you are looking to expand your business into new markets or improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of your operation we are able to help. Our core set of services revolve around finance, strategy and operations and are targeted at small to medium enterprises and family businesses.

feasibility studies

Are you looking to launch a new product line or service for your business? Through our experience in deriving financial projections and assessing markets and industries, we are confident we can provide you with the answers you need through accurate, affordable and useful reports.

financial reporting and planning

Get customized decision-making tools your business needs and keep an eye on the performance indicators that count. tandem will help you develop a set of reporting tools and targets to help you monitor your company’s real performance.

accounting systems, policies and procedures

Rest assured that your finance team is operating as the guardians and co-pilots for your business. Ensure that the right structure, processes and systems are being used to support your company’s growth and strategic decisions.

compensation, incentive and performance schemes

Unlock your team’s potential through performance-based pay tailored to suit your business activities. Implement pay models that are proven to work in your industry by tapping into a knowledge base of best practices that will reward your team for delivering their best.

global best practices

Tap into cutting edge, proven solutions that address a particular business problem. Use our real-world case studies to identify successful strategies that can be applied to your company. From short listing specialized software to recommending a pricing strategy, we can help your business.


Receive strategic advice founded on in-depth industry research that is tailored to suit your company. From recommending the location of your next outlet to assessing the profitability of your different range of products.

market research

Get actionable analysis on anything you need to know about a particular market, including customer preferences, the competitive landscape, as well as the market’s overall financial appeal. We can help you understand anything from what your customers are asking for to what your competitors are doing in the market.