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Entrepreneurs in Dubai UAE

Entrepreneurs often find themselves in unfamiliar territory when starting a business, and lack the knowledge and expertise to develop reliable plans, appropriate business models and strategies to grow their business. We support them through every challenge they face in planning and building their businesses through the following services.

Business Plan Dubai

tandem.ae will deliver a bespoke business plan that will help identify your opportunity, define objectives, break down the strategy and provide a solid foundation for you to build your business in Dubai and UAE.

Feasibility study

A more streamlined version of a business setup plan in Dubai, a feasibility study is designed to explore the viability of a business concept and help founders make an informed and researched decision on their investment.

Market research

Our in-depth experience, the knowledgeable research team and the developed network give our clients access to reliable research and analysis covering markets, industries, competitors, consumers and anything else you can think of.

Financial modeling and valuation

Whether you require financial projections for your business plan or a valuation for potential investors, tandem.ae can help. We are able to offer you customized financial projections that help validate the viability of your new business, product or services, set achievable targets and optimize your overall strategy. Our extensive valuation experience, as well as our network of industry experts, will ensure that we develop valuations that accurately represent your business.


tandem can help you iron out a strategy for your business or idea. We business consultants act as a sounding board and research the market to help recommend the most effective strategy for your business. We can also help you implement that strategy and monitor your performance once your business is off the ground.

Advisory board services

Our experience working with startups and small-to-medium sized businesses, our network of partners and industry experts and our resourceful advisory board, allows us to provide our clients with introductions, mentorship and guidance that will help take you to growth and success.

investment readiness and support

We’re here to help you get your business off the ground. Our advisory support services will provide you with the tools needed to raise seed capital. We will support you throughout this process by ensuring that your business plan is thorough, your presentation is of the highest standard and your investor pitch is well prepared. We will help you anticipate and answer tough questions entrepreneurs face.