• "25% growth a year in the small and medium enterprises sector in UAE"

about us

Many small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are facing key challenges in growing their business – they have reached a critical stage and require further investment, a new strategy, process or corporate structure to compete in the marketplace and take their company to the next level. In addition, entrepreneurs often find themselves in unfamiliar territory when starting a business, and lack the knowledge and expertise required to develop reliable plans, appropriate business models and strategies to grow their business. In all of these cases, tandem can help through (up)start, account(in)g, (in)telligence and (in)vestment services.

Founded in 2009 in Dubai, U.A.E., tandem is dedicated to dramatically increasing the probability of success of our startup and SME clients. We act as owner representatives and provide our clients with a range of quality, affordable services revolving around strategy, operations and finance. In the case of new projects and companies, we offer (up)start services such as business planning, market research, financial modeling, business valuations, investment readiness and guidance and mentorship. In addition, through our account(in)g solution, we offer our clients a cost-efficient outsourced service for keeping accounts up-to-date. Through our part-time accounting offering, you can focus more on your business. For our small-to-medium sized clients, we provide (in)telligence services focused on financial reporting and planning, process optimization, strategy development, including bespoke research on markets, industries, competitors and best practices to allow you to be better informed and help improve decision making.

tandem (in)vestment services are aimed at the investor, providing them with unique and attractive opportunities, and managing the whole process from deal sourcing and screening, to execution and investment management (post-acquisition). Whether you are looking for someone to manage, acquire or sell off your investments, tandem will be able to support you in identifying the right opportunity or connecting you with the best buyer. In addition, tandem ventures is an active angel investor and incubator, developing new concepts and businesses as well as investing capital into promising, high growth and scalable opportunities where it can add value.

our mission

tandem aims to maximize its clients’ probability of business success through its knowledge-based services. From business planning and strategic research, to accounting and investment services, we hope and believe we can make a change and contribute to driving local economies in the Arab world by providing quality, strategic services that help develop startups and small to medium enterprises in the region.